The DAIJIHI Soto Zen Sangha is part of the Sanshin Zen Community by Shohaku Okumura Roshi and his successors

Regular Meetings

NEW LOCATION: from June 2020 on, we will meet at Dr.-Schober-Str. 73, 1130 Vienna.

Public Transport:
Bus 56 A to Atzgersdorf, „Glawatschweg“ station

On request, we can come and pick you up at Speising (60, 62, 56a, 56b) or Hietzing (U4), please give us a call: 0676/7906230.

IN ADDITION, all our meetings can be joined virtually via Zoom.
ZOOM-ID: 515-921-6094

Monday (every week)

Every Monday morning, we sit one period of zazen (30 Minutes), followed by a 30 minute Qigong lesson and a shared breakfast.

  • 07:00 zazen
  • 7:40 Qigong
  • followed by a shared breakfast

every Monday, 7:00-8:10 (followed by breakfast)

Dr.-Schober-Str. 73, 1130 Wien

Please register beforehand: or 0676/7906230

Wednesday and Friday (every week)

We meet every Wednesday and Friday and start our practice with a one-hour Qigong class. After a short break, we sit one 40-minute period, followed by a practice dialogue (on Friday) or discussion about a specific dharma text (on Wednesday). We’re currently reading: Shohaku Okumura: Living By Vow (in German).

every Wednesday Friday

  • 17:30    Qigong class, led by Susanne Halbeisen
    • Short break with the possibility to join in
  • 19:00    Zazen
  • 19:40    Practice dialogue / study group

Dr.-Schober-Str. 73, 1130 Vienna.

Our practice is open to anyone, beginners included. If you don’t have any zazen experience yet, we kindly ask you to come a few minutes earlier so we can assist you.

We meet roughly 15 minutes in advance, no special clothing required, it should be comfortable and dark colors are appreciated.

Our practice dialogue also does not require any prior knowledge.

Please register beforehand: or 0676/7906230

Practice Sunday (view our calendar for exact dates)

Next Practice Day: August 2nd, 2020

We meet on Sunday in regular intervals to unite the three most important aspects of practice in our lineage: zazen, work and study.
On these days, we sit several zazen periods in a row, cook and have lunch together and engage in a practice dialogue afterwards.

On selected Sundays, 06:30-15:00
Dr.-Schober-Str. 73, 1130 Vienna

Please check out our calendar for further information on other events and activities.

Okumura Roshi’s approach to zazen

ZEN is an open, interdenominational tradition that welcomes anyone who is interested. You neither have to declare any faith nor convert to anything to practice Zen, no alterations to your personal beliefs or religious affiliations need be made. There is no dogma and there are no fixed beliefs. We only ask you to follow the rules that are in effect during our shared practice.

Soto Zen in the USA

The Okumuras family life

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